Effective April 1, 2016

Taylor River Farm & Riding Academy has a tuition based billing policy. Most families will be familiar with this type of billing from other local sports and dance facilities including Junior Gym, Atlantic Gym, Portsmouth Swim and all Tae Kwon Do facilities. This is designed to make it easier for TRF families and our accounting department!


Plan #1 – Monthly Credit/Debit Card Charge – Best Bargain!

Pay by the month credit/debit card charge. Charges are made on the 1st of each month. Please stop by the front office to start your bank draft/monthly credit card billing to get the best lesson rate available– which is now ONLY $50 per lesson.  You will be saving a minimum of $20 per month if you choose this option! *Note: some months may have 5 weeks.

Please note that if you choose to discontinue your monthly charge, you must notify the office IN WRITING prior to the 20th in order to not be billed for the following month.


Plan #2 – Pay monthly, using Cash, Check or Credit Card (not left on file)

Payments are due the 1st of each month. If you choose not to participate in the monthly credit card charge, lesson prices will be $53 per lesson.  You may put your payment in the box at the barn, mail it, or bring it by.  However it MUST be received by the 5th to avoid late fees.  Late fees are an additional $2 per lesson. Clients with accounts that are delinquent for more than 30 days will not be allowed to participate in lessons.


Lesson Prices and Length

Lesson prices:  $50 per lesson for Plan #1, $53 per lesson for Plan #2.

Single lessons for riders who are not on our regular schedule are $55 per lesson.  A “single” lesson is for riders that do not ride 4 times per month.

Lesson Length: Private Lessons are 30 minutes each.  Group lessons are 30 minutes each.


Payment Plan Overview

Plan 1 – Credit/Debit Card Auto Charge

Plan (2) – Cash or Check, left at the barn or mailed to barn

1 Lesson Per Week (1) $200 (save $20) (2) $212 (save $8)
2 Lessons Per Week (1) $400 (save $40) (2) $424 (save $16)
Extra Private Lessons in Addition to Your Regularly Scheduled Weekly Lesson: (1) $50 Private Lesson (2) $53 Private Lesson
Extra Group Lessons in Addition to Your Regularly Scheduled Weekly Lesson: (1) $35 Group Lesson (2) $35 Group Lesson
Private Toddler Lessons (1) $35 Toddler Lesson (2) $35 Toddler Lesson

Single Riding Lesson

(Note:  A “single” lesson is for riders who do not ride 4 times per month)

$55 (plans do not apply) $55 (plans do not apply)

New Riders Can Start Their Lessons Anytime

Students enrolling for the first time will make one payment initially for the Registration Fee and the number of lessons remaining in that month, based on the $45 rate. After that, the above policies apply.


Registration Fees

Academy students enrolling will be assessed a $25 registration fee that will be added to the first month’s lessons. Please note:  Riders who stop their lessons for the summer months will be asked to pay a $25 registration fee at the beginning of their re-enrollment.


Returned Check Fees

There is a $25.00 returned fee on returned checks.


Make-up Lessons

Lessons missed due to illness, injury or special events or holidays may be made up within 30 days of the missed class.  Lessons can be made up 5 days a week. There is no refund for missed classes due to absences or inclement weather.  If you schedule a make-up class, you must call and cancel or you forfeit the make-up.


Single Lessons

For riders who do not ride in a regular weekly lesson, lesson prices will $50 per lesson.  This lesson can be paid for with cash, check, American Express, MasterCard, Visa, or Apple Pay.


Stopping Your Tuition Payment Program

In order to be removed from the TRF Class Roster, we must receive notification in writing prior to the 20th of each month to be dropped from a class the following month.


Office and Lesson Hours:

  1. Our office staff hours are:  Tuesday – Friday:   9:00 AM to 6:30 PM, Saturday:  9:00 AM to 1:00 PM, Sunday: TBA
  2. Lessons are taught 5 days a week throughout the afternoon and evening (also mornings available on Saturdays).
  3. Lessons must be cancelled, by calling or emailing the TRF office, at least 24 hours prior to the lesson. Contacting instructors via their cell phones is not an acceptable form of cancellation. Cancellations must be emailed to: kristinlogan@taylorriverfarm.com or by calling (603) 926-7662.

Thank You

Taylor River Farm would not have ever become the successful barn that it is without the energy, enthusiasm and support of our riders, their families and our barn community.  Thank you for making Taylor River Farm a great place to be!

For your convenience we accept:


Download and Print/Email:

Academy Student Application

Payment Registration Form (For Academy Students)