Chris is a wonderful beginner horse. He’s been with us from almost very first year of Taylor River. He is smart enough to take care of the youngest students and still able to be fancy at the shows!



LuLu is our youngest lesson horse, but you would never know it! She is wonderful with beginners and intermediate riders. She is a barn favorite with her sweet personality and beautiful face!



Rosie is our sometimes broodmare, sometimes lesson/academy horse! She has foal coming in April of 2020! Then after a few months of maternity leave, she will be back to teaching her favorite students!



Cabot is so kind and smart! He is also an Academy superstar!  He takes beginners to advanced riders to the show ring.  He loves kids and adults!



Beau is our newest lesson horse here at the River. He is so handsome and gentle. Kids and adults regularly request this wonderful horse!



Beautiful and accomplished, Cartier has been a special horse to the Gove Family and Taylor River for 16 years. After a few years away from the farm, Cartier is home for good! He loves his new job: taking care of his Academy kids!